Facing Yourself

Facing ourselves in front of a mirror – without a heavy heart and a sluggish figure is one hell of an adventure. It is impossible. It is quite incomprehensible. 

But I assure you… it is humane. It is humane to accept we have flaws… that our lives are flawed. Yet the moment we accept that we, ourselves, are making our lives more complicated than it is, that’s when we are our most strongest self.

Rejecting what is.

If you are hurt, accept that you’re hurt. If you’re bothered, stop rejecting or letting that emotion consume your whole fucking being. Recognize your emotions and do not hide it. Hiding your emotions will just make everything worse than it is.

Stop rejecting – take an assertive grasp of yourself and accept the whole damn thing. Once you chose to take turns and avoid your problems, your struggle persists. Accept what it is and live your life. 

However, acceptance is not synonymous with loving your entire condition. It doesn’t mean that the now is okay, and it doesn’t mean that you have to endure and forever live with it. Acceptance just means you refuse to let those rose colored glasses consume you and your life. Accepting is getting a hold of something so hard to fathom nor grasp yet you successfully took control of it. So start accepting. It’s liberating. It’s assertive. It’s revolutionary.

Pretending to be someone you’re not

Deviating from our own intrinsic self is definitely one hell of an experience – especially when we finally managed to get out of your comfort zone. It’s freeing. Yet when we try to incorporate it with our daily lives, life becomes complicated. It gets rough.

When we act in a way that is not paralleled with who we genuinely are, we deeply suffer. We let our lives be at stake, we confuse what we authentically need with what everyone else needs. We immobilize ourselves. We lose our wills.

Give yourself the credit you need. Pat yourself for being you. Pick yourself from the ground. Standing up for yourself and acknowledging your self as it is – with or without flaws is emancipating. Choosing to be at home and at peace with your body, with yourself, with your home is a lot less scary than you think. Prioritize yourself once in a while.

You know yourself, so begin being more of that person. It’s rebellious. Hell, it’s great.

Caring what other people think of you

Stop creating those self-deprecating conversations you think people are having about you. For the love of God, get out of that nasty place! Do yourself a favor and leave those fucking heavy baggage, it is doing nothing for your being. It is toxic.

Our lives become much easier when we refuse ourselves to surrender to society’s wants, needs, or desires. We need to stop chasing perfection for the sake of appreciation or validation. And if someone is treating us shit, that defines them more and who they are than it does about who we are.

Choose yourself. Choose to be with yourself. 

In this one-way adventure called life, you need to, sometimes, take things into your own bare hands. Besides, no one will do it for you, but yourself. Remember that law of attraction is real. It is authentic. So stop dragging yourself into that muddy road of loneliness. Start inhaling that heavenly smell of freshly cut leaves from your grandma’s garden and live your life.


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