Out There

Why is love traversing the long, bumpy road?

Love, aside from pain and death, transcends every uncompromising boundaries and breeds universal togetherness amidst humanity’s stark polarity. Love, mysteriously, has its way of bringing lost and shattered souls together. Yet, despite love’s abundance, which penetrates almost every fabric of our society… I am one of those who patiently waits for that rarity… that someone. That someone, who is my refuge and safe haven in this world fueled by dichotomy. That someone who is my idea of everything and nothing.

Perhaps you are also passionately waiting for me, perhaps you are creating a semblance of myself in your mind before you shut your eyes at night… perhaps you are exhilarated with the vague, hazy, and chaotically woven notion of myself, even though we haven’t cross paths. Or perhaps I am your sole reason for everything. Perhaps we may never even get our precious chance in this one-way adventure called life. And that pains me the most – waiting for someone who might never reach the front of my doorsteps.

Yet, despite universe’s complexity, recklessness, and precariousness – I am hopeful. This love is a hopeless case, but you, my love, is my hope. My naive heart might be frail, but knowing that you are out there… strengthens every fiber of my being. Believe it or not, I am yearning for the moments yet to be created. And, I promise, you will be my first and last in everything. 

Maybe you’re a movie star awaiting for your film debut, a carpenter building your dream home from the ground up, or an adventurer seeking for adrenaline rush in your tedious life – love, indeed, is taking its way longer than I expected but confiding with the idea that you are worth my wait… instantly fix every unspeakable sorrow, shattering regret, and perpetual grieve that comes with waiting someone who might never come.

To my love… you are my beginning, my end, and my everything in between.



6 thoughts on “Out There

  1. The goodness & the purity of thought behind this phenomenal post is very captivating, to say the least! Thanks for sharing such a meaningful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

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