Leaves Fall

Things happen. 

It’s one of the hundred rhythms of our lives, one that stays and remains… one that is etched to occur – whether it be that unwanted baby in your belly, that spontaneous make out session with your best friend, or that condescending break up phone call from your stupid girlfriend. It is destined to be.

I’ve never been engrossed with the existence of a tree, until recently… when a bunch of falling leaves caught my interest, ingraining a query in my mind:

Why do leaves fall?

Despite the trees’ majesty, endurance, and strength – the oldest living tree is thought to be almost as old as 5,000 years old, its’ leaves fall. Inevitably. And that’s when I came up with the realization: there will always be a season for everything. Trees bear fruits. Leaves change their colors. Trees shed their leaves. 

If these shenanigans work for nature, then why would it be any less true for humans?

That’s a rhetorical question I’ve got there, but, anyway, there will always be a right time to create, glow, and especially, let go – just like trees bearing fruits, leaves transforming themselves from lively green to dull brown orange, and trees throwing away their leaves.

As winter dwindles, trees in temperate zones face punishingly cold breeze and icy winds, conditions that would destroy the leaves… so trees have to ruin themselves. Leaves must fall.

The moment we let go of things that will further incur damage to our beings, that’s when we are our most vulnerable yet strongest self. 

Letting go of people who have always been there for us, for every season of our lives, will never be simple but it is, unfortunately, inevitable. There shall always be a tinge of pain and a pang of regret forever engraved within ourselves. After all, we are a bunch of human beings who tried to dodge dramas, fix conflicts, and fought hard to keep it alive. Things never end tidily. People leave.


2 thoughts on “Leaves Fall

  1. I agree, some relationship are just like seasons… colors change, temperature fluctuate, bask in the sun and battle the bitter cold. Others are steady no matter what nature throws at you. Those are the relationships to cherish. Great post. I enjoyed listening to your thoughts.

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