Contradictory Centerpiece

Am I worthy enough?

It was a monotonous and lethargic Saturday morning, I was stood in front of a mirror, without even brushing my unruly hair nor cleaning my crooked teeth. And literally, had each and every single one of my inadequacy exposed.


I was well aware that my soul and my heart was in a shamble – a part of myself actually listened to those demons, while another half still believed in my capability and uniqueness.

And, as time progressed, I found myself becoming more and more aggressive until I cannot have a pristine image of myself. I did not even have myself – all I have was a murky facade full of pretensions and fake intentions. I wrecked myself.

Yet, I am now standing in front of a mirror, with all of my flaws revealed, and I’ve never felt so empowered in my whole course of existence.

Acceptance. Until the humanity created an all-around machine to solely eradicate our flaws, we don’t have a choice but to live with our precious imperfections.

Finding one’s self-love is not an instant occurrence, rather, it is a lifetime journey, and you must be committed with it. Self-love is all about giving your 100% into it. And, mind you, self-love shall never be synonymous with perfection, it is appreciation.

Self-love is embracing that you do not have a set of pearly white teeth, yet you bravely flashes your smile on that cute stranger across the street.

Self-love is expressing your feelings to your loved ones and not holding a grudge to your annoying roommate.

Self-love is utilizing all the resources you have to better your life – whether it be time, friends, laptop, books, or internet. 

Self-love is having an open and honest discourse with yourself regarding your choices and preferences in life.

Lastly, self-love is knowing your worth and freely coexisting with those fleeting blemishes, without letting those overwhelm you. 

Self-love is living.

You are not just a contradictory centerpiece, darling.

You are an awesome masterpiece and I hope no one – not even yourself, will rob you of your glorious moment here on earth.

Image by Shairah Gaspar



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